Types of Insurance Plans

We understand that choosing a Health Insurance Plan can be very confusing. That is why we've put together a brief explanation of the different types of plans available to you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us 24/7 at (704) 892-5200.

PPO (Preferred Provider Org):
This is the most popular type of plan. It offers the most flexibility to the policy holder. You may opt to choose a doctor offered by the plan or choose any doctor you want outside of the network. If a chosen doctor is outside of the network, the insurance company will pay a substantially smaller portion of the cost and you will be responsible for the rest of the payment.
POS (Point-of-Service):
This type of plan offers in and out of network benefits and operates the same way as the PPO plan described above.
HMO (Health Maintenace Org):
This type of plan is usually the most economical. Generally, you would be assigned to a physician who would handle most of your treatment and would be required to refer you to a hospital or other specialist if neccessary.
Vision Care Plans:
This plan would cover some of the costs associated with vision care and correction.
Dental Plans:
Our dental insurance plans do not make the policy holder pay deductibles for checkups, diagnostic or preventive services. We also provide basic and major services to cover routine fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges and dentures.
Medicare Supplement Plans:
These plans are designed to help cover the costs that Medicare plans do not. There is no application fee and you can choose any participating Medicare physician. You will receive discounts on eyeglasses, vitamins and alternative medicine and your benefits will not increase simply because you get older.