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  1. Call to get a fast, accurate quote on health insurance.By calling me, I can get rates from multiple insurance companies at the same time. This will save you a lot of time because you would have to visit each website below to get quotes from them.

    Assurant Health Coventry United Health Aetna
  2. It's best to speak with me via phone or live chat because there are many unique factors to consider.
    • Annual Deductibles
    • Coinsurance Annual Maximums
    • Doctor Visit Co-pays
    • Limited or Unlimited Doctor Visits Per Year
    • Prescription Co-pays
    • Emergency Room Co-pays
    • Cost of Maternity Benefits Relative to Cost of Premium
    • Lifetime Maximums the Policy Will Pay for Each Insured
    • Whether or Not You Need a Co-pay Plan
      (You may be a healthy person who just needs a high deductible plan that saves you premium dollars and steps in to pay your bills if a big claim arises.)
Example of how my expertise can help you:

I helped a young lady who was purchasing an insurance plan that included maternity benefits. I helped her realize she could choose an insurance plan with a much lower premium than she was going to purchase initially. I showed her how, if she does become pregnant, this lower premium plan will pay the exact same amount of total maternity claims as the higher premium plan she chose first.

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